Who we are?

Nethits Telecom Group is a specialised and leading telecommunications business group, which currently has more than 200,000 paying customers for Data, Fixed and Mobile Telephone and TV among other services. Nethits TG is present in all sectors, residential, business and public administrations and provides its services through its companies, each of which is specialised in an activity and one or several sectors. Nethits TG is positioned in the market with a 360-degree array of services in the telecommunications field. As a global and international company, we are already present – as well as throughout Spain – in Latin America, the countries of the Persian Gulf and North Africa.

We have a philosophy of global action, offering customised and comprehensive ad hoc solutions for individuals, companies and organisations, offering a wide range of solutions that include – in addition to connectivity – advanced solutions for VoIP, CPD (cloud services, hosting, housing … etc.) TV, design and management of FTTR networks or Wifi networks, among other services.

Group of companies

Nethits Telecom Group is comprised of three telecommunications companies that offer an array of global and complementary services for all types of clients. Our group is composed of the integrator Nethits Telecom Solutions the telecommunications operator Netllar Telecom and the MVNO Hits Mobile.

Is a last mile telecommunications operator with its own network that offers converged Data, Voice and TV services. It operates its network of franchises under the model of an operator close to the national level, counting currently with 55 franchises and a presence in 22 Spanish provinces. The company currently has more than 50,000 subscribers.

It is the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) of the group, with more than 600 distributors in Spain. This speciality in the sector of euro residents, mainly British, German and Scandinavian, results in more than 80,000 customers collectively. They are currently developing value solutions for the emergence of new consumer markets such as groups of people over 65 and kids.

Is the integrator of the Group as well as being a VoIP Operator and having its own CPD. Its activity is the design and installation of telecommunications networks and their different technologies, as well as the provision of telecommunications services, in particular internet access services, IP telephony and TV and the management of Wi-Fi networks. It counts on technological solutions of the first level for different sectors like Tourism, Health or Education among others.

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